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Chesapeake Retriever Rescue Of Wisconsin Inc. A 501(c)(3) Organization
Chessie Peeks

Welcome to our online version of Chessie Peeks
Kathy  Davis...Editor
George Davis Assistant Editor

Volume 2 Issue 3 Winter 2002

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Available Dogs

Honey needs a loving home! She is a 6-year-old (acts like 2 years old), deadgrass, spayed female. She belonged to someone who passed away. The remaining caregiver did not give her the care that she needed, so she was taken to live with another relative. She was treated to bring her back to health and happiness. However, these people have dogs of their own and cannot afford to keep Honey long-term. Honey lives to retrieve. She is good with people and most dogs. There are three other dogs and four cats where she lives now.  Older children would be recommended, as she did not live with small kids. Preferably older kids that like to throw the ball.   She is housebroken, but does have spay incontinence and is on medication to control the problem. Honey has not been hunted, but has a strong retrieve drive and swimming drive. She has some rear stiffness once in awhilecommon with agebut ignores it if there is a ball around to chase. She loves to be petted and brushed and have the ball thrown. Honey will come with papers in case someone wants to get some titles on her. Vet references and home visit required. Applicants will be screened by rescue personnel and then forwarded to owners.  NO exceptions.

Contact Sue or Merl at or call (920) 954-0796



Courtesy Listing:

Chessie deserves to have a home and someone to love him just like "normal" dog. Chessie has the dwarf gene, therefore his legs are very short, but his body and head are normal size. The dwarf gene in dogs does not seem to affect their health. The possibility of arthritis a bit earlier may be one side effect. Chessie was originally turned in as a stray to a shelter in Kansas City. He is currently being fostered in Maine. According to the KC Shelter, he runs, jumps, and gets along just fine! He is around one year old, gets along well with other dogs, shows no signs of aggressionfood, fence, or otherwise. He is heartworm negative, current on vaccinations, and will be neutered prior to leaving the Shelter.

Contact Jane at


Adoption Updates

Coco made the move from Illinois to Minnesota where she will be able to hunt as well as have a new family to love.

Kate was an owner turn-in. She was absolutely the sweetest girl anyone could want. A family in New Richmond, WI adopted her. Since her adoption she has become a valuable member of their family.

A family from Oshkosh, WI who are previous adopters adopted BRANDY. Brandy has a doggie sister at her new home.

A couple from Port Washington, WI adopted SARGE. They were looking for a large dog that was also very gentle. Sarge fit the bill perfectly. At 18 months, Sarge weighed 115 lbs, but he was as mellow as the day is long. It's just the 3 of them sharing a nice home by Lake Michigan. Sarge will get plenty of exercise as both mom and dad run and walk for daily exercise

Roy was a stray from the Chicago area. He was a big lovable goofball! He was adopted by a family from Racine, WI. He is fitting into their family just like the cuddly teddy bear that he is!

Buddy from Spooner, WI is now living in Iowa.

Willow has found her forever home in Portage, IN. Not only is she in 7th Heaven with her new family, but theres also a hot tub! What more can a girl ask for?!?

Max will be staying forever with the person who has been fostering him. He has come a long, long way from when he first came into Rescue. Heartfelt thanks to Chris, Sue and Merl who worked with him so diligently and showed him that there are good homes in the world! Max has 2 fur-siblings to keep him busy.

Rainbow Bridge

We would like to remember all those wonderful brown dogs who have gone onto the Bridge to await the day that they are united with their loved ones. Another of our beautiful dogs, Kona, left this world on October 15, 2002 to be with Nestle (her fur-brother

Helping Out

Chesapeake Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible and can be sent to:

Chesapeake Retriever Rescue of WI, Inc

1318 S Kerman Ave

Appleton, WI 54915-3758

If you have internet access, you can also make a donation through PayPal. The link is accessed through our home page at:

Other ways to help Rescue:

Help transport a dog

Donate toys

Donate some treats or food

Link to our website from your website

Talk to everyone you know about how great it is to adopt and/or foster rescue dogs

Happy Holidays to all the people committed to the care and well being of this wonderful breed. We wish you all a joyous holiday season and a New Year that brings peace and happiness to your lives and to the Brown Dogs we all cherish. We hope your year is filled with many Chessie grins and roo-roos!

We welcome any suggestions, ideas, stories or thoughts regarding Chessie Peeks. Please contact Kathy Davis at or (608) 562-5735. You may also drop me a line at W8365 Cty Rd C, New Lisbon, WI 53950-9797. Look for the next issue of Chessie Peeks in March 2003.

Editor: Kathy Davis

Assistant Editor: George Davis

Tanner needs a home to live in. Hes a 6-year-old deadgrass, neutered male. Hes good with kids, dogs, horses, cats, and strangers. He knows sit, down, drop, and come. Tanner loves to retrieve; likes to bring you something in his mouth. Tanner is afraid of the shape of a gun or a long object like a gun (e.g., he was afraid of a person's cane). This could be worked with and overcome with patience. He does not seem to be afraid of a gunshot sound. Tanners original owner moved to an apartment. He gave Tanner to someone who had another dog; the 2 dogs were taken duck hunting and apparently the dogs fought over a duck. Since Tanner gets along fine with dogs, the other dog may have been the aggressor. Its also possible that the gun barrel was used to break up a fight or a stick used to discipline. The dog then was given to the original man's brother who had room for him. Tanner is left outside and gets bored, so is digging up plants; he needs to have a job to do. Since he is afraid of the gun, he doesnt get to share in the activities that would keep him from being bored. Tanner is not food aggressive or protective as he is fed with 2 other dogs, cats and horses in the same barn. Tanner would love a home where he could go for walks or runs and have some kids to play ball with him, and get some attention.
Contact Kathy at or call (608) 562-5735


Chessie is a 6-year-old spayed female. She is up-to-date on shots and heartworm prevention; she is heartworm negative. Chessie is good with older kids and maybe younger kids. She is a confident, happy dog. There is no bite history. She is not too good with cats, but is learning; sometimes she is not good with other dogs.
Chessie is housetrained. This dog is in Illinois.

Contact Mindy at 217/354-2049 (H) or 217/337-5030 X515 (W)

Rayne is a small little girl. She got her name because it is a gentle name (a nice summer rain shower) and she looks so delicate. She is light brown with the prettiest little face. She does have AKC papers, so whoever adopts her can register and title her if they want. Rayne is young and needs some good training and some stability. She is up-to-date on her shots and spayed.

Contact Sue or Merl at or call (920) 954-0796

Jake is a brown, neutered male, 112 lbs and about 3-4

years of age. He is up-to-date on all shots and heartworm negative. At this time it is unknown if he is housetrained, but does not mess in his kennel, will hold it until he is let out before and after we are at work. Jake is good with other dogs, strangers, older kids. (He seems fine with my 8 mo. old but I wouldnt trust him with the baby on the ground; he is just too large. He just sniffs and slobbers on the baby.) He likes playing fetch, swimming, car rides, being with people and other dogs. Jake doesnt care for thunderstorms and chases cats but I wouldnt say he wants to hurt them, as he will leave the cat alone if told to stop. Jake is a quick learner and enjoys pleasing. His hunting ability is unknown, but seems to have the potential to be a good duck hunter although he is a little leery of gunshots but does not run; he just stays very close to my husband when they go pheasant hunting with my lab. In time he could probably learn to be just fine with gunshots. He does know how to track by scent very well and also has an incredible amount of stamina and focus. In the past he has gotten scared/anxious if someone tried to handle him and mouthed to get away from whatever they were doing to him. He hasnt done this much since he first came to my home. He just needs to know whos the boss. Jake knows sit, stay, come, down (not consistent), and walks well on leash.

Contact Sue or Merl at or call (920) 954-0796

Visit the following websites for more information:

Chesapeake Retriever Rescue of WI, Inc. at

Chesapeake Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin at

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue (national site) at

Come See Us!

From time to time we are invited (or sometimes invite ourselves) to visit pet stores and bring our available dogs to show people the breed and let them know what dogs are in need of a new home. We are usually at Pet Supplies Plus in Appleton every few weeks.

On October 12th, some of us were at Pet Supplies Plus on Northland Ave in Appleton to help celebrate their anniversary. There was a lot going on and Sue was interviewed on the radio! Others of us were at Three Dog Bakery in Madison that same day to answer questions and show off our brown dogs. Thanks to all who helped and to the stores for inviting us.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank the vets and clinics that work so admirably with our Rescue group. Without their generosity, care and knowledge, our efforts would be that much more difficult. In particular, wed like to thank the veterinarians and staff at Wolf River Clinic of New London WI, Becker Animal Hospital of Northfield, IL, Sullivan Veterinary Service of Sullivan WI, and Norwood Animal Clinic of Milwaukee WI. Thank you!


Foster Homes 

We are always in need of good foster homes. When a shelter tells us about a dog, we need to move quickly to find the dog a place to go. We work with some great shelters in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota, but shelters become full. When a rescue organization is notified, we need to do our part and get the dog into foster as soon as possible. If you or someone you know loves the companionship of a dog, but does not want to commit to full-time dog ownership, fostering might be the thing to try.



To your dog, the holidays are a time of change. Think about how Christmas looks to them. A tree, which they normally see outside, arrives inside the house (wow an indoor bathroom!). Its often set up in an area that breaks their outside watch position (i.e., blocking a picture window). This strange inside tree also gets covered with really fun-looking dangly things (which must be tasted and pushed around). Next, flashing lights will stimulate many dogs (especially visual breeds such as herding dogs). Then strange items with glittery paper and ribbons appear underneath the tree. These must be tasted and maybe removing the outer covering would be lots of fun. Dogs can always find the gifts for themthey cannot be left under the tree! And, to top it all off, us humans can become stressed and rushed during the holiday season. Your dog thinks youve really gone nuts this time! Here are some ways you can minimize risk and maintain routine (which dogs need):

Limit access to reachable decorated areas like trees, garland, candy, etc. If necessary, use baby gates to block certain areas, crate your dog, or confine the dog to one room.

Keep routines the same, i.e., feeding times, outside times, walk/exercise times, and bedtime.

Keep diet the same. No extra table scraps!

If you become stressed, take advantage of what your dog can offer you by going for a walk, grooming or playing with your dog.

If your dog swallows an ornament or other decoration, do not automatically induce vomiting. Sharp edges will cut and puncture on the way down and on the way back up! Call your veterinarian for advice on how to handle the situation.

If you must let your pet in an area of low-hanging ornaments, dont decorate a tree with tinsel or any other stringy items. If ingested, it could require complicated surgery to remove. All ornaments should be kept higher than the dog is able to reach.

Avoid adding anything potentially toxic to the Christmas trees water. Remember, it is at dog level and they make drink it!