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Thanks to Max's foster Mom Chris . Click here to see a slide show of Max. You can see how happy he looks .



MAX IS READY FOR HIS FOREVER HOME! He is a happy, loving, carefree boy who loves to run around in a fenced yard with a ball in his mouth. He loves to give kisses and snuggle. Max is looking for a home with a fur brother or sister and/or some kids to play with! A more devoted dog you will not find. Just give Max the chance to get to know you on his terms and you will be the luckiest dog owner in the world.

Max is 3-1/2 and has been through a lot in his short life. The first 3 years he spent kenneled with almost no human contact and an over dominant fur brother that left small permanent scars on his muzzle. Max is a great specimen of a chessie. Hes a beautiful dark brown lean and muscular boy and has a big old block chessie head that he loves to have scratched and kissed. He weighs about 85 lbs.

Max has been in foster care since April and has mentally grown from a puppy in a 3 yr olds body to a young adult who learns quickly. He is smart and with some more training will continue to learn more commands. He knows SIT and responds very well to COME. He walks great on a leash too.

Max has recently been living in a different foster home to give him exposure to a different routine and experiences. He adjusted amazingly well and should do the same in a new home. Within 24 hours Max went from a shaking boy on a leash when the new foster arrived to pick him up, to eating within 2 hours of getting to the new house, to meeting his new foster chessie sisters (16 months and 5 yrs) with no problems, to investigating the house the next morning and kissing his new foster mom on the chin, to being able to go in and out of the house unleashed, to being a happy go lucky boy running around the yard. He was settled and happy very quickly.

Max has a few MINOR issues that are easy to work with. He is scared of strangers and if loose in the yard will run away and ROO loudly to let the person know he is scared. However, if Max meets the stranger on a leash then he will sit quietly and allow the person to pet him. He seems to warm up to children easier. If taken on the lead by the stranger he will go with them for a walk etc. He seems to draw some security from meeting strangers on a leash.

Max is also spooked by noises and this is why he will require a fenced yard. He might take off and never find his way back. He is doing well and learning about the noises and goings on of neighbors in his new foster home, as it has a chain link fence he can see everything through. He will initially run but keeps coming back and getting closer or stands there and checks it out. He will continue to build his confidence over time with continued exposure. He is not a barker and while he is spooked by the noises, has never barked at them. So the neighbors would welcome him as a good quiet canine citizen.

Max also has a tendency to get car sick. We are working on this and will continue to try more things to help him. Max did have a couple of accidents in his new foster home the first couple of days but it had a lot to do with his new mom not knowing how to read his body language. He seems to have it clearer now and is starting to come and whine when he wants to go out. He has adjusted to the new foster homes routine with no problems. He is now crated during the day, whereas in his other foster home someone was always home. If he has his choice he would prefer to have someone always home but does great with the working persons routine also. He crates on KENNEL command just fine. He generally sleeps in the crate at night but has slept on the floor a number of nights in his new foster home with no problems. He is a well-behaved house dog. As long as he has toys and bones to play with he has left everything in the house alone.

Max is definitely worth the trip to check out. Ideally the new family would live close enough to visit him a few times before taking him home. Whoever adopts Max will be the luckiest family. A better family dog you will not find!

So give Sue or Merl a call and come see him!